I don’t smoke, but will occasionally get drunk and look at the video results of “Alan Rickman Sexy.” There are a surprising number of videos on this theme! Or maybe not surprising. BC Alan Rickman is sexy. » 4/20/15 8:28pm 52 minutes ago

I don’t know - it’s good in theory, but I’ve never had one of those “next table over” convos be anything other than awkward. They interject, you chat nicely for a few minutes - but then I want to go back to just talking to my companion, while my new friends the next table over are now obviously listening to everything… » 4/20/15 3:30pm Today 3:30pm

Pretty sure a writer on this very site wrote a long screed, including lots of “fuck you”’s, demanding that if you get invited to a wedding you better damn well buy the gifts you’ve been told to buy (including cold, hard cash) or you shouldn’t bother coming at all. Compared to that, this letter is downright polite. » 4/17/15 1:20pm Friday 1:20pm

There's a new machine at my gym, and it's really great - I'm a natural with it. But I can only use it for about 30 mins before I'm totally done. And it has everything - kit kats, snickers, almond joy... » 4/17/15 9:19am Friday 9:19am

I like to tell people brightly "actually, we BOTH decided to keep our last names!" Because it teed me right off that people felt free to question me, whereas no one thought to ask the Mister why he was keeping his last name, too. » 4/15/15 9:49am Wednesday 9:49am

Wait - girl, aren't you in Muses? And got to meet Matthew McConaughey at some fancy thing? And you live in New Orleans? And you have a cute-ass frenchie thst just had PUPPIES? » 4/14/15 5:06pm 4/14/15 5:06pm

The only reason I considered “fancy” is because your standard NYC deli always cooks the eggs until they are this sad, hard egg-sheet that would bounce if you threw it on the floor. At least the fancy version usually has nice soft-scrambled eggs that weren't cooked by someone who apparently hated them. » 4/14/15 12:55pm 4/14/15 12:55pm

My husband grew up like that. His parents always made sure he had really nice shoes, despite the fact that they lived in a trailer - but all it led to was the “cool” kids getting mad and calling him a poser. » 4/14/15 12:37pm 4/14/15 12:37pm

The jocular “oh, take all the time you need to get your story straight, last time this happened it was NBD” there-there-ing makes me just rage. A man died, you assholes. » 4/13/15 12:55pm 4/13/15 12:55pm

Honestly, knowing how tech teams usually operate, I assume there was just a meeting where a bunch of (mostly) dudes said "hey, this should all be transparent, right? Let's make it easier to find comments and recs!" with no reflection on how that might impact things like commenter privacy. Tech dudes generally don't… » 4/12/15 2:12pm 4/12/15 2:12pm